SwitchMap Operator

switch_map(::Type{R}, mappingFn::F = identity) where { R, F <: Function }

Creates a switch_map operator, which returns an Observable that emits items based on applying a function mappingFn that you supply to each item emitted by the source Observable, where that function returns an (so-called "inner") Observable. Each time it observes one of these inner Observables, the output Observable begins emitting the items emitted by that inner Observable. When a new inner Observable is emitted, switch_map stops emitting items from the earlier-emitted inner Observable and begins emitting items from the new one. It continues to behave like this for subsequent inner Observables.


  • ::Type{R}: the type of data of output Observables after projection with mappingFn
  • mappingFn::F: projection function with (data) -> Observable{R} signature


Stream of type <: Subscribable{R}


using Rocket

source = from([ of(1), of(2), of(3) ])
subscribe!(source |> switch_map(Int), logger())

# output

[LogActor] Data: 1
[LogActor] Data: 2
[LogActor] Data: 3
[LogActor] Completed
using Rocket

source = from([ 1, 2, 3 ])
subscribe!(source |> switch_map(Float64, (d) -> of(convert(Float64, d ^ 2))), logger())

# output

[LogActor] Data: 1.0
[LogActor] Data: 4.0
[LogActor] Data: 9.0
[LogActor] Completed

See also: AbstractOperator, RightTypedOperator, ProxyObservable, logger


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