A Subscription represents a disposable resource, usually the execution of an Observable. A Subscription has one important method: unsubscribe!(teardown), which takes some teardown logic object as one argument and disposes the resource held by the subscription.

using Rocket

source = Subject(Int)

next!(source, 0) # Logs nothing as there is no subscribers

subscription = subscribe!(source, logger())

next!(source, 1) # Logs [LogActor] Data: 1 into standard output


next!(source, 2) # Logs nothing as a single one actor has unsubscribed

A Subscription essentially just has its own specific method for unsubscribe!() function which releases resources or cancel Observable executions. Any Observable has to return a valid Teardown object.

The unsubscribe! function also supports multiple unsubscriptions at once. If the input argument to the unsubscribe! function is either a tuple or a vector, it will first check that all of the arguments are valid subscription objects and if this is true it will unsubscribe from each of them individually.

source = Subject(Int)

subscription1 = subscribe!(source, logger())
subscription2 = subscribe!(source, logger())

unsubscribe!((subscription1, subscription2))

# or similarly
# unsubscribe!([ subscription1, subscription2 ])

For more information about subscription and teardown logic see the API Section