Basic examples

This section contains a set of examples for Bayesian Inference with RxInfer package in various probabilistic models.


All examples have been pre-generated automatically from the examples/ folder at GitHub repository.

Basic examples contain "Hello World!" of Bayesian inference in RxInfer.

  • Coin toss model (Beta-Bernoulli): An example of Bayesian inference in Beta-Bernoulli model with IID observations.
  • Bayesian Linear Regression Tutorial: An extensive tutorial on Bayesian linear regression with RxInfer with a lot of examples, including multivariate and hierarchical linear regression.
  • Kalman filtering and smoothing: In this demo, we are interested in Bayesian state estimation in different types of State-Space Models, including linear, nonlinear, and cases with missing observations
  • Predicting Bike Rental Demand: An illustrative guide to implementing prediction mechanisms within RxInfer.jl, using bike rental demand forecasting as a contextual example.
  • How to train your Hidden Markov Model: An example of structured variational Bayesian inference in Hidden Markov Model with unknown transition and observational matrices.